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Lukasz Witkowski, Frikart owner

Man in charge of the controlled chaos, that he causes. One of the most talented jugglers in Poland, art animator of events with over 13 y.o. experience. He had acted in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Czechia and Poland.

Graduated pantomime and acrobatics courses on Barcelona’s Cirus University. He has in his CV plenty of awards, e.g from Munchen, Barcelona, Karlsruhe, Carvin and Prague Circus Festivals.

Co-founder at Kejos Theater and Middle Europe Teather and Circus Meetings – one of the biggest festivals in Poland.

„One of my colleagues that we preform together is now one of the starts in the italian circus. I hope that is the best examples that shows our art is still worth and valuable part of the culture and we perform at the level of main and most worthfull circus in our continent”.

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